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Our mission…

Pumpout USA delivers exceptional and responsible marine pollution solutions that protect, preserve, and improve marine environments. We are - and will continue to be - dedicated to making distinguishable differences in the marine waste industry. Our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams are too fragile to accept anything less.

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Our Humble Beginning...

Founded in 1995 by Captain Donnie Brown, PumpOut USA was quite literally a direct response to growing concerns over the environmental and ecological impacts of marine sewage.

As observed in the photographs from this June, 1995 newspaper article, our early pumpout boats were “forced” and clunky – note our use of suspended-fender rub rails which routinely fail in service.

Fortunately, we learned from these early mistakes…

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Our growth…

PumpOut USA has grown to become the world’s largest mobile marine pumpout contractor serving more than 25,000 customers along 250 miles of US coastline. More importantly, our product line has grown to include floating comfort stations, water taxis, and custom marine vessels, and the quality of our products has improved exponentially.

Our Present...

With more than 120 pumpout boats and more than 40 floating comfort stations/restrooms in operation throughout North America, PumpOut USA has grown to become the national leader in the marine waste solutions industry and is winning awards for its innovation and performance.

Through this experience PumpOut USA learned to design and hand-craft the most seaworthy, comfortable, and dependable pumpout boats and floating comfort stations on the planet.

“The PumpOut USA Advantage” - Learn why you should choose a PumpOut USA solution

Our future…

As the nation’s only manufacturer that is also a commercial pumpout service provider, PumpOut USA truly understands the challenges the industry can exert. We are committed to maintaining our position as the leader in the marine waste industry, so we will continue to aggressively introduce new technological advances each year so that our state-of-the-art products will improve your performance on the water.

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Why this matters to OUR collective future…

The world’s marine sewage problem is only growing worse…

“So many problems in marine conservation are so big that people can’t figure out how to possibly solve them — the systems are so complex, the contributing factors are diverse.”

“I would argue that the problem of untreated sewage literally has a shut-off valve and is something worth exploring as a focal strategy in our coral reef conservation.”

Stephanie Wear – lead scientist at The Nature Conservancy

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Unfortunate Facts About Marine Sewage

  • A single overboard discharge of human waste can be detected in up to a one square mile area of shallow water such as a bay.

  • Releasing untreated sewage from a 20-gallon holding tank has the same impact as discharging several thousand gallons of treated sewage from an efficiently operated treatment plant.

  • Marine sewage is approximately 12 times more concentrated than untreated municipal sewage and approximately 188 times more concentrated than treated municipal sewage (measured in B.O.D.).

  • Chemical additives (used to deodorize vessel holding tanks) compound the problem. Such additives include; formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, quaternary ammonium chloride, and zinc sulfate – all of which are catastrophic to marine environments.

  • Marine sewage effluent has been linked to outbreaks of vibrio vulnificus (flesh-eating bacteria).

  • Marine sewage effluent has been directly linked to an increase in the frequency and magnitude of harmful algal blooms such as red tide.

The Conclusion: Illegal discharge of marine sewage is approximately 25 times more harmful to coastal aquatic environments than all municipal sewage spills combined!

PumpOut USA, Inc. is working alongside these fine organizations solve this global challenge!

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