PumpOut USA designs and hand-crafts the most seaworthy, comfortable, and dependable pumpout boats on the planet

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The PumpOut USA Advantage

We build to commercial-grade standards

PumpOut USA believes a modified recreational boat is unfit for demanding commercial applications. That is why PumpOut USA builds its pumpout boats and floating comfort stations to commercial-grade standards from start to finish so our products will withstand an operating environment that is far more demanding than is required for the recreational market.

Our boats are cold-molded with Divinycell decking and integrate commercial bi-axial glass lay-up schedules with alternating layers of woven and chopped mats which are hand-rolled by a team with over 200 combined years of custom boat building. We further incorporate a one-piece Integral-Grid-Unit stringer system which adds to the structural integrity of our hulls and then we completely encapsulate our composite stringers in glass and resin which chemically bonds the stringers with the hull, the deck, and the transom into a single unit providing for additional structural strength.

Unlike many in the industry are willing to compromise and use open-cell foam because it is cheaper, open-cell foam is weaker and is prone to absorb water and trust us - you do not want that!  PumpOut USA refuses to yield and that is why we use 100% closed-cell foam flotation in every boat we craft.

Embracing these meticulous steps enables PumpOut USA to deliver a higher-quality boat with more structural rigidity, improved safety, a longer lasting boat, and an industry-leading 6-year warranty. Though our production costs are much higher than industry norms we refuse to yield to cheaper manufacturing processes just to save money.

See Personal Testimonials from Our Customers

We are not just a middleman

Don’t wait until you need service to find out that you bought your boat from a dealer with no service capabilities. Check the US Coast Guard Manufacturer’s database to ensure you buy direct from an actual boat manufacturer.

Unlike most of the industry, PumpOut USA is an actual US Coast Guard registered boat manufacturer, so every aspect of the manufacturing and service process from design, lofting, glassing, welding, final assembly, and servicing is all performed in-house because we cherish the craft of custom boat building.

We enjoy more repeat business than anyone else

Even the finishes on PumpOut USA’s pumpout boats are commercial quality. For example, unlike cheap quality boats with suspended-fender rub rails which fail continuously, PumpOut USA invests the extra expense to incorporate a proprietary industrial-grade rub rail (girded with 3” thick cypress beams which are through-bolted to the gunnel and covered in 6” industrial-grade wrap) that is specifically crafted for pumpout boat applications.

See Personal Testimonials from Our Customers

Our boats are designed from a service-delivery perspective

PumpOut USA is the world’s largest marine pumpout contractor so unlike the rest, we truly understand the challenges you face when providing pumpout services.

Therefore, we design our pumpout boats with service in mind. That is why we incorporate in-set motor wells into our open-water boats which delivers maximum maneuverability and sets the standard for greater safety.

Our hull design

All our hulls are 100% composite which means they are wood-free and no rot.

No hull shape is perfect for every sea condition. That is why PumpOut USA offers a choice in hull shapes to ensure you achieve optimal performance for your specific geographic area.

For pumpout boats that will be used in protected-water applications, we incorporate a Shallow-V hull with minimal deadrise which offers maximum stability, maximum plane, and keeps all passengers dry.  This hull provides one of the highest flotation values and strength-to-weight ratios in the industry.

For pumpout boats that will be used in open-water applications, we incorporate a Modified Deep-V hull which combines the best characteristics of hull shapes with the flatter sections toward the stern adding stability while the wedge-shaped forward hull cushions the ride and pushes spray aside.

We use Polynt Composites gelcoat on the hulls of all our pumpout boats and floating comfort stations. Polynt is one of the highest-quality gelcoats available and it provides a durable and beautiful finish which resists chipping, ultraviolet degradation, and hydrolysis.

We train your staff

PumpOut USA sea trials each boat at your marina and trains your staff to conduct pumpouts in accordance with operational best-management practices that we developed over 25 years of providing pumpout services. We will not leave until your staff is comfortable operating your new pumpout boat and we offer our customers direct personal consultation with our staff for as long as you own your pumpout boat.

See Personal Testimonials from Our Customers

We assist you with your grant application

PumpOut USA’s staff has helped our customers process more grant applications than any company in the industry and our staff will use this experience to assist yours to complete your grant application for maximum effect.

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We offer an unmatched 6-year warranty

From our hull, to our rub rails, to our integrated deck, and heavy-duty and reinforced waste tanks, you will not find a more solid built, reliable, and dependable pumpout boat anywhere. Adhering to these manufacturing principles is why PumpOut USA is able to deliver an unmatched 6-year warranty to its customers.

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