Our Customers made us the best for a reason...

PumpOut USA is the national leader in the marine waste solutions industry with more than 120 pumpout boats and 40 floating comfort stations/restrooms in operation throughout North America.

Personal Testimonials from PumpOut USA Customers

John Naybor, President of the Marine Industries Association of NWF and owner/operator of Island Cove Marina, Palm Harbor Marina, and Yacht Harbor Marina

"We have been PumpOut USA customers for 14 years and currently own two of their pumpout boats. We started with the 23’ boat and upsized to the 27’ model years later. I’ve been a mariner all my life and can state - without reservation – that PumpOut USA’s boats are some of the most sturdy, dependable, and functional boats I’ve ever worked with."

Amanda Furgerson – Owner/operator of Furgersons Choctaw Marina

"I own four floating comfort stations from PumpOut USA. These units are absolutely perfect for my customers and the public. They are built sturdy and functional and do the job. And, I love their geofence monitoring technology because it lets me sleep at night without worrying about whether they need servicing or if they move."

Richard Tanner – Marina and Ports Manager, City of Marathon, Florida

"We have two of the model 26-T1000 PumpOut USA Vessels. One of the two vessels, which was hull #1 for PumpOut USA, we purchased in 2003. It has served us extremely well for just short of seven years. We ordered our second new vessel mid year 2007 and had hull #1 refurbished and re-powered after taking delivery on the new vessel."

"I can state that both of these vessels are without a doubt, the work horses of our marina. Not only are they dependable but very cost effective to maintain and operate. All in all, I can't think of anything negative to say about these vessels."

Ryan Hinely – Owner of Bluewater Bay Marina and Executive Director of the Marine Industries Association of NWF

"Many years ago we began offering pumpout services to our customers with a pumpout boat from PumpOut USA. We liked that boat so much that we decided to get one of their new models and we’ve never looked back. It’s clear they put a lot of thought into the boat’s design because we love the way their boats ride and operate. And, both our boats were delivered by the President of the Company and he personally trained our marina staff on operating the vessel and the latest pumpout service best practices. I cannot speak highly-enough about PumpOut USA and their products!"

Mayor David Rice – Mayor/Chairman, Monroe County Board of County Commissioners

"Monroe County's mobile marine pumpout program run by PumpOut USA, Inc. is working amazingly well. For example, despite Monroe County's investments in land-based pumpout systems (since 1992), this past year the Program collected and properly disposed of over 10 times the combined amount of marine sewage than all Keys land-based sewage pumpout facilities."

"The effect this Program has had on nearshore water quality in the Florida Keys cannot be overstated. Since this Program commenced the water bodies, once imperiled, are now plentiful with wildlife and are again enjoyed by our residents and millions of our visitors."

Steve Owen – Marina Manager of Little Rock Yacht Club

"From pounding waves to rowdy users, my floating comfort station endures a lot of daily abuse. But my PumpOut USA unit has been a fantastic investment because it was built to withstand all contingencies. Everything about it is strong - the doors, the hinges, the grab bars, the floats, and the decking. Even the plumbing and wiring is built into the walls so there is nothing to break. I highly recommend the PumpOut USA floating restrooms!"

Sean Cannon – Ports Director for the City of Marathon, Florida

"When I first started working at the City Marina the water was very polluted and the clarity of the water was virtually zero. At least 100,000 gallons of raw sewage was being dumped into the water each year making the water very toxic. But now thanks to the mobile pumpout service it is now a vibrant marine environment teaming with wildlife and recreational boaters. The water has become clear and we can now see the bottom in many places. The boater’s attitude about sewage has completely changed. Now the first question is how do we arrange for a pumpout?"

Shawn Hogan – Recreational boater

"I’ve lived and played on the Sandy Beach area of Heber Springs for 30 years and the floating restroom built by PumpOut USA is the best improvement I’ve ever seen on this lake. The previous restrooms on the lake smelled bad and my wife wouldn’t use them. This one doesn’t so its a required stop whenever we are on the water. I would have never imagined the demand for such a facility but is amazing to see the boaters line up to use it. I’m proud of my State of Arkansas for investing in clean water."

Dr. David Vaughan – Executive Director, Mote Tropical Research Lab

"As the Executive Director of the Mote Tropical Research Lab in the Florida Keys, I am pleased to be able to comment on the exceptional impact that PumpOut USA has had on the water quality of the Florida Keys."

"It has come to everyone’s attention in the Florida Keys that our near shore water quality affects our quality of life and the condition of our coral reefs."

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